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Hello! I’m Amanda; artist, mom, animal enthusiast, coffee lover. I love baking, hanging out with my little one, gardening in the summer months, diy beauty, and craft projects. 

I’ve known my entire life that I wanted to be an artist someday. I have always had incredibly supportive family and friends who have pushed me to make that dream a reality. I am so lucky to get to do something I’m passionate about. This is truly the best job on the planet!

I started my wood burning journey in 2016 when my husband gifted me a burning unit. Little did we know that gift would change everything. I would have never believed you if you had told me that I would be at this point. After thousands of hours honing in on my skills and self teaching, here we are! 

I find inspiration in wildlife and nature. About 99% of my artwork includes some kind of animal. I also get commissioned to do lots of pet portraits. I love doing these because I know how special they are to the recipient. Lots of times my artwork is memorializing a beloved pet who has passed. Knowing that my art will keep the memory of that beloved pet alive for years to come is something so special to me. 

Check out my instagram @amanda_huml where I share my creative process. I create reels that shows me working on pieces from start to finish. I also share tips and the tools that I use to create my art. Instagram is by far the best way to connect with me!

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